I’ve Moved!

In June 2019 I moved to Williamsburg, VA. I intend to continue coiling here and make new friends and contacts in the arts and crafts scene in the tidewater area of Virginia. I plan to return to Southern Maryland for shows and classes, so please continue to contact me if you are interested in a […]

Coiling Classes

In 2017 I had the pleasure of teaching three pine needle coiling baskets at the Mattawoman Creek Art Center.  In June I taught Beginning Pine Needle Basketry where we made small baskets on walnut slice centers.  This is a picture of some of the beautiful baskets under construction. In October I taught Pine Needle Jewelry […]

Old Pine Needle Baskets

How long will a pine needle basket last?  At a craft fair in 2014 I was approached by a wonderful woman whose grandmother used to make pine needle baskets.   Two of the pieces, a trivet and a napkin holder, needed a bit of repair.  Could I do it?  We estimated that the pieces were […]

Getting Started With Coiling

My interest in coiled basketry started more than 8 years ago when my husband and I visited Charleston, SC for our anniversary.  I was so excited to watch the women there coiling their sweetgrass baskets and had a hard time limiting myself to buying only a few.  Once we were home I tried to find […]

Becky’s Baskets Beginnings

Even though I have this beautiful website (created by my husband), I’m a little nervous as I attempt my first blog post on Becky’s Baskets.  Bringing my hobby out into the jungles of the internet is more than a little scary!  I have been making pine needle baskets for about 6 years, but I only […]